Incident Response Services

Attacks will happen. It doesn’t matter if you are the mom and pop store, a big company, a multinational or an organization. The question is “How does your organization handle them?”.

Incident Response Handling

When you are victim of an incident you want to be in the hands of professionals that help you manage the crisis. Xiobe’s incident response handling services are there to help you with this.

Malware Handling

Viruses, Worms, DDoS, Cryptolockers, … our media are regularly reporting about the latest attacks and hacker tools. We help our customers set everything in place before the threat agent strikes and help them during the dark hours.

Social Engineering Penetration Test

Social Engineering is the attack specialty of the house. We like to use our technical skills and combine them with human psychology to attack organizations, their business logic and processes. This is more than your average phishing campaign.

Red Team/Blue Team Penetration Test

The red team are seasoned attackers, the blue team are our the defenders. The red team has one objective “take over”. By using a feedback loop the red team helps the blue team increase the detection capabilities of the organization and handle the attacks.